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    Our bodies are amazing creations. When we are well, all parts work together to help us function and be the best version of ourselves. When things aren't right, it can be confusing to investigate and diagnose what the trouble may be. Mental illnesses are particularly hard to recognize and diagnose and just like most illnesses, early detection and treatment are keys to hopeful outcomes. One of the most baffling of disorders are eating disorders.

    An eating disorder is a condition where the person cannot maintain a healthy balanced relationship with food. It may involve eating too much, eating too little, or over managing calorie intake or output. Over exercise, refusing to eat with others, or mealtime rituals can manifest an eating disorder. Unable to see themselves as others see them, suferers are obsessed with weight and appearance over health.. Bulimia, anorexia, binge eating disorder, as well as other eating disorders are ways the person compensates for feeling unappealing. This is not reality based.


    Anorexia Nervosa is perhaps the most common and recognized eating disorder characterized by extreme weight loss. Under eating, skipping meals, and simply moving food around on the plate rather than eat it are symptoms.

    These behavioral symptoms are red flags

    • making frequent comments about being over weight or ugly
    • voicing complaints of abdominal pain, gastric distress, poor sleep, or anxiety.
    • extreme concerns about eating in public, avoiding plans to eat with friends.

    Physical symptoms::

    • failing to maintain a healthy body weight
    • feeling dizzy or faint dry skin and brittle nails, and
    • thinning hair growing fine hairs all over the body
    • longer to heal from wounds or sickness

    These symptoms are not necessarily present and the condition is not easy to detect. Men are more likely to die from Anorexia probably because it goes undetected until in advanced stages.

    For more information CONTACT NED (nationaleatingdisordersdisorders..org)

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